Tongue diagnosis handbook


Tongue diagnosis is an important method of Chinese medicine diagnose disease. Tongue is connected to the internal organs with meridians. So the body organs, qi and blood, the reality of body fluid, the depth of the severity of the disease changes, are likely to objectively reflect on the tongue. By the ton
gue diagnosis, we can understand the actual situation of organs, and the nature of disease. The changes of tongue is mainly refect the actual situation of organs and the rise- fall of blood; the changes of tongue coating is mainly used to judge the depth and heavy of disease, and the rise and fall of the stomach-qi .

Software Description:

  1. Lists the 52 tongue pictures, making it easier to distinguish between the various tongue spirit, tongue color, tongue shape, tongue states, coating proper, coating color, subilingual veins;
  2. A detailed description of various forms tongue and the corresponding diseases, changes of organs;
  3. It is a portable medical manuals;
  4. Supports both iPad / iphone;
  5. Suitable for medical school teachers, students, hospital medical workers, and who pay attention to health care.

1. Add the English Version。
2. Support IOS 7.x。
3.Modify the layout to accommodata the new screen。

iPad screenshot

iPhone screenshot

Tongue diagnosis handbook V2.1 - iPhone/iPad